Do you know who Julia Angeles of Baillie Gifford is? We will explain all about who Julia Angeles of Baillie Gifford is in this article.

Baillie Gifford is fortunate to have Julia Angeles on their team as a partner and investment manager. Her experience in the field of investments and portfolio management spans more than 15 years.

In January of 2022, Baillie Gifford brought on board, several new partners. One of the partners that have been appointed as Julia Angeles. There are a total of eight appointed partners; six of them oversee investments, and the other two serve as client directors. Julia Angeles was selected to serve as one of the investment managers on the team. As a result of the new appointments, the total number of partner roles has increased from 47 to 51.

The achievement of sustainable development, as stated by Baillie Gifford, is the objective of the cooperation. This is the kind of advancement that will not only serve those living in the present, but also those living in the decades to come. One of the most important aspects of Billie Gifford’s long-term strategy for sustainable development and succession planning is to identify potential employees, cultivate their skills, and advance those who comprehend the organization’s goals and objectives. According to the organization, the new partners’ promotions are a reflection of their dedication and the hard work they have put in.

Who is Julia Angeles of Baillie Gifford
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Who is Julia Angeles of Baillie Gifford

Baillie Gifford is an investment management company that is completely owned and operated by its partners, all of whom are employed by the company. In the year 1908, it was established in the city of Edinburgh, which is now also the location of the organization’s headquarters. New York and London both serve as locations for its corporate headquarters. Only professional and institutional clients located outside of the UK can take advantage of the company’s investment management and advisory services. The Financial Conduct Authority in the UK has granted the business its regulation and authorization.


Finding and investing in extraordinarily growing companies that are already influencing the future world is one of Julia’s favorite activities.

In everything that she does, Julia places an emphasis on innovation, and she is responsible for many of Baillie Gifford’s academic connections. These partnerships are the foundation of the company’s differentiated approach to investment research and outlook on the world. She makes it a point to bring prominent thinkers in for frequent speaking engagements with investing teams since she is deeply committed to motivating the next generation of investors.

In addition to that, Julia is a co-manager of Baillie Gifford’s International Growth strategy, which is an investment strategy that focuses on a focused portfolio of high-growth companies.


From January 3, 2017, to September 1, 2020, she served as the manager of Baillie Gifford Positive Change. Since the first of October 2018, she has been serving as the manager of Baillie Gifford Worldwide Health Innovation. This business operates in the financial equity, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sectors.

In addition, she supervised Baillie Gifford Health Innovation beginning December 15, 2020, and continuing to the present day. This business operates in the Healthcare Sector of the IA.

Julia Angeles is an investor that focuses on medical technology and stock markets. Shares in firms such as Moderna Inc (US:MRNA), Tesla Motors, Inc. (US:TSLA),, Inc. (US:AMZN), Illumina, Inc. (US:ILMN), and Mercadolibre Inc. (US:ILMN) are some of the companies in which Baillie Gifford invests (US: MELI). She is in charge of managing funds.


Julia Angeles is an experienced professional that manages portfolios and investments. She oversaw the management of investments for a period of five years and achieved an annualized total return on investment of greater than 17.5% for those investments. You may get a sense of a manager’s overall level of talent by observing how they fare in comparison to their contemporaries. Very few managers are able to do equally well in rising and declining markets; therefore, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the kind of market environment in which a manager is most likely to excel. In the overall markets, Julia Angeles had a better performance than her peers in the peer group composite for four out of the previous six years. She surpassed her competitors in the rising markets for four out of the five years that the market was rising.

Figure 1: The complete financial gain for Julia Angeles

When compared to her contemporaries in the field of portfolio management, Julia Angeles’ performance is displayed in Figure 1. It is abundantly clear that she is familiar with onions.


The broader Glasgow area is where Julia Angeles makes her home. She learns from Bill Gates’s life, accomplishments, and activities by keeping up with his books and following his life story.

She has been employed with Baillie Gifford for a period of time that exceeds fourteen years. McKinsey & Company was her employer for a relatively short period of time (less than two years).

She is proficient in English, Russian, and Danish, and she received her doctorate in economics from the University of Aarhus, which is located in Denmark. In the years leading up to her employment at Baillie Gifford in 2008, Julia was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, where she provided advice to businesses in Denmark, Russia, and Hungary.

The Singularity University Executive Programme July 2016 group that she belongs to is also referred to as the SU EP July 2016 group. There are seventy people in this category.

She is an experienced investor, asset manager, equities analyst, and investment strategist, as well as an investment manager and investment manager.

In 2008, Julia began her career at Baillie Gifford, where she is currently the Portfolio Manager of the Health Innovation Strategy. Before joining Baillie Gifford, Julia was a management consultant for McKinsey & Company, where she advised businesses in Denmark, Russia, and Hungary. She also worked in the United States.

Since beginning her employment at Baillie Gifford, Julia has been involved in the development of a variety of regional and international investment strategies. It was Julia’s enthusiasm for the changes that are going place in the healthcare industry that drove the development of the plan. She is very enthusiastic about these changes. She is of the opinion that within the next ten years, healthcare systems all over the world will undergo a monumental transformation, and that we will see a shift away from reactive medicine toward a world in which prevention and cure will become an essential component of healthcare that is driven by technology. In addition, Julia is a participant in the International Growth portfolio construction team, and she was promoted to the role of Partner in the year 2022.


There are several reasons why Julia Angeles is so essential. She has extensive knowledge of finance and how to manage money (economics). To the level of a doctorate, she investigates the inner workings of monetary systems. She is an excellent manager of both money and portfolios. The value of the portfolio she managed increased significantly over time. She is a creative thinker. This inventiveness is illustrated by the fact that she was a co-founder of Health Innovation, which was Baillie Gifford’s first thematic investment strategy.

She is a member of the team responsible for the International Growth. She has been an instrumental figure in driving Baillie Gifford’s partnership with an external expert network. Her abilities as a leader and a mentor have garnered her widespread recognition throughout the company.

She is the leader of the first all-female fund management team for the company. The formation of the strategy in 2018 was prompted by her enthusiasm for the revolution that is taking place in the healthcare industry as well as her desire to lend assistance to forward-thinking businesses that are attempting to bring about significant enhancements to human health and the healthcare systems that support it.

She is a motivational speaker who often gives speeches at events geared toward women as well as in educational settings. Both children and adults can look up to her as a positive example. She is important because she speaks multiple languages. She is fluent in English, Russian, and Danish all three of those languages. Additionally, she is fluent in French and Spanish. Because of this, she can communicate effectively with potential investors who speak these languages as well as other languages.

Julia Angeles is a member of the European Board, which is responsible for determining Movement Health’s general orientation, as well as its long-term goals and policy problems. Since beginning her employment at Baillie Gifford, Julia has participated in the development of a variety of regional and international investment strategies. It was Julia’s enthusiasm for the changes that are taking place in the healthcare industry that drove the development of these initiatives. She is very enthusiastic about these changes. Additionally, Julia participates in the building of the International Growth portfolio as a member of the group.

Julia Angeles is a Vadevalor Talent. She is a member of Movement Health 2030’s regional board of directors.

In an interview in April of 2021, she commented “destroying the biotech model.” She concluded that the messenger RNA vaccines that were used to combat Covid-19 might also be useful in the battle against cancer and other disorders. Julia Angeles, co-manager of Baillie Gifford’s Health Innovation Fund, takes a look at the bright indications and positive sides of the situation one year after the crisis began.

She was featured in a book written by women for women called Inspirational Investing.

The book is about what matters in the world of investing. The book featured more than 20 successful women investors. It was edited by Amanda Taylor while the foreword was written by Rosie Carr.


There are a few healthcare funds that have particularly impressive performance records. The Worldwide Health Innovation fund managed by Baillie Gifford generated a return of 44.4% between the beginning of 2020 and the middle of September. The fund is primarily interested in high-growth medical technology firms that are focused on innovation. The year 2018 marked the beginning of its operations, and seed funding came from Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Charity, a significant health foundation in the UK.

Julia Angeles, who is the portfolio manager of the fund, stated that “this approach was shaped well before COVID-19.” Although we did not anticipate the pandemic, we were of the opinion that health care systems all over the world needed to be updated. Even in affluent countries, the majority of healthcare systems are reactionary rather than proactive, and they are inefficient. This was the case before the COVID-19 epidemic, but the pandemic has brought it to the forefront of people’s minds.

Julia Angeles

“It is now conceivable, as a result of developments in biological data-gathering techniques and advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, to derive helpful new insights from genomics data. These developments are credited with making this possibility possible. At the same time, we are witnessing the introduction of novel methods for treating the root causes of diseases, such as gene therapy and gene editing.” See an interview on AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine with Julia Angeles on Bloomberg TV.

She goes on to say that “We invest in the companies that can enable transformation in those sectors.” In general, our company focuses on firms that are disruptive, and we ask ourselves what changes the companies in which we invest may bring about in society. Since long before the strategy was introduced, Baillie Gifford has held positions as an investor in a number of the holdings held by the fund. According to Angeles, one of the company’s holdings, Illumina, a company that specializes in genome sequencing, has been a part of the portfolio for more than ten years. ”

The family life of Julia Angeles of Baillie Gifford is kept private and could not be sourced from any available public resource today.

In conclusion, the foregoing summarises who Julia Angeles of Baillie Gifford is.

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